To bring up socio-economic condition of farmers by adopting and transferring scientific method and knowledge on agriculture and make agricultural sector more productive and make food available to all at an affordable cost.


Creating an integrated farming method for individual and organized farmers and training them to adopt scientific and natural methods of farming.

Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms started by few young professionals who followed their heart to agri-business. Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms' research and study into sheep and goat farming can make immense change in India's sheep and goat farming sector. Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms is on the process of making a big and positive difference in the field of sheep farming. Projects Project 1: Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms, Off Bidadi Main Road, Bangalore.


Bharath Gowda

A former Banker by profession, is the Executive Director of Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms. His unparalleled passion towards livestock has enabled him to source the best Sheep and Goat breeds across India.

Harish Gowda

A software engineer who is currently handling multiple projects at HCL is the Managing Director at Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms. Harish has learnt through leaps and bounds in managing the fodder requirements for the livestock.Apart from his regular job of being a Software Professional, Harish spares time during his weekends to professionally manage the animal's health at Samrudhi Farms.


Sudeendra holds an MBA degree in Finance and is currently working as an Auditor for factories, industries, retail etc. At Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farms, Sudeendra manages the day to day operations.


Currently works as Software lead for an MNC. With his interest towards learning livestock management has enabled him to handle Training and Consultancy at Samrudhi Farms.