Samrudhi Sheep & Goat Farming consultancy is subsidiary of S&G Farms and We have dedicated team of consultants which includes Agriculturalists, Veterinarians and people with hands on experience in sheep and goat farming. We give end to end consultancy for sheep and goat farming. We provide you consultancy services on following aspects.


The shed construction should be as per the mutually agreed blue print.

The chaff cutter, shed, silos, water tank, farm human resource, medicine supply all should be ready before bringing animals to the farm.

The consultant will provide all necessary inputs and support to set up farm and also initiate cultivation and silage preparation work.


The client should only buy breeds from us in the initial stage, until they are capable enough to source on their own.

We do not take responsibility of breeds purchased without our approval.

The client should not mix breeds supervised by us, with other breeds in the farm or outside the farm. If so, we will not be responsible for any health issues of the breeds.

A separate agreement would be signed for breed supply from consultant.


Visit and stay in your farm two days a month.

The farm supervisor has to regularly maintain and update all farm management documents as outlined by consultant

The local veterinary doctor should be appointed for the farm and should visit farm at least once a week

The local veterinary doctor and farm supervisor should consult us before medication in first 6 months

The first set of labours and supervisor should get trained in our farm for at least 15 days before you commence operations. The first set will be trained on:

Vaccination chart


Medicine chart

Food cycle, fodder management

Taking care of pregnant animals

Taking care of kids

Daily, Weekly and Monthly routine work

Silage Preparation

The required feed and silage should be ready as per our advice. No feed should be changed / discontinued without our advice.

All required medications supply should be stocked. Some of them may need to be refrigerated.

We expect the farm team to be capable within first six months in daily care taking. In case of any issues, there may be a need to change the labours and / or supervisor. Client would be advised regularly on this.

The consultant will provide all necessary inputs and support to manage breeder unit health, care taking, and productivity and weight gain aspects.

The client will need to ensure that prescribed medicines, feed and other supplements and ancillary equipments are available for smooth functioning of the farm.

The consultant will not be responsible for kidding %, pregnancy %, and mortality %. Both client and consultant will have to work towards managing these factors.

We will advice on appropriate cost management techniques. Any aberrations due to short term issues that escalate cost is not our responsibility.

Marketing: We have great website traffic. We will market your farm and assist you in sales of breeding stock and lambs.