Goat housing is important in an intensive system of production in fact one must ensure proper comfort of animals to gain maximum profits. The main aim of housing is to protect animals from harsh, uneven climate as well as environmental stress.
In the era of changing climate and weird pattern of rainfall brought new diseases into the animal's production system. Control housing could be the solution for these problems. Very less systematic study is being conducted on goat housing in India. So the basic idea is to adjust different meteorological components and bring them in the range in which goats feel pleasant and fine.
Plastic slatted flooring is a new flooring innovation for Sheep & Goat farming. It is quickly gaining popularity in India.

We manufacture and supply:

Plastic slatted flooring

FRP Support channels/MS Support Channels

We also undertake turnkey projects for Sheep & Goat Housing by delivering quality materials as per the requirements of the clients. Complete construction and installation of whole housing which includes Roofing, Plastic slatted Flooring and Partition work.

Roofing: Using Galvanized Corrugated Roofing sheets, Over MS Truss structure

Flooring: Slatted Plastic Flooring Installed over MS Frames/FRP support Structures

Partitions: Using MS Iron Rods and Angle Structures with Painting

Feed trays: Custom Made Feed trays

Advantages of Housing with plastic slatted flooring:

Durable that lasts for 10 to 15 years.

Floors and Partitions Can be installed easily by inter-locking method within few days.

Low maintenance, easily washable.

Better hygiene, avoids fungal skin problems in Goats in Rainy season unlike wooden floors.

Diagonally spacing slats (16 mm) to facilitate easy droppings of dung (In wooden floors after few months the reapers will shrink and bend)

Extends 4 to 5 times long life compared with wood without repair work with recycling option even after 15 years usage (as it is manufactured with plastic raw materials)

Heat resistant, and water proof plastic material prevents damage from Sunlight exposure and Wetness

Anti-skid surface prevents from skidding of goats even in wet surface.9.

Available in attractive colors which gives attractive look to farm.